We design, build and install our own systemsmeaning we can guarantee the highest-quality products and great service. We also repair and service all irrigation systems, and irrigation pumps not just our own. Our speciality is body corporate organisations with large gardens which need watering, but we have experience in installing all types of irrigation systems, including backyard dripper systems and other drip installations.

Solenoid and wire tracing services are another area of our expertise and we will quickly find any sprinkler valve systems you have lost on your property.

We can also use our top-of-the-range spear pumps to draw water from underground water tables for your irrigation systems, meaning you will assuredly save on your quarterly water bill. Filtration systems are also available as part of your installation package. These ensure your water supply is pure and clean.

We provide all analytic services too: to accurately diagnose any faults or system failures that occur in your current irrigation system.

  • Quality design and installation
  • Repairs and service to all systems
  • Body corporate specialists
  • Irrigation diagnosis

Custom Designed & Installed Systems

Whether commercial or domestic, every site is different and requires custom designs to suit. This starts with an accurate plan of the site, including identifying any existing dry or wet sections and a discussion with the client to determine the goals for their garden: whether turf, a vegetable patch, or general landscaping, we have solutions to meet your needs.

Most irrigation systems cover a variety of different areas and are divided up into ‘zones’. Different zones typically have different sprinkler types and durations of watering, each tailored to suit the specific environment in that zone!

To enable sectioning into zones, we install a valve to operate each zone and connect it back to an irrigation ‘controller’. We use the ‘controller’ to custom program the time and duration that each zone will operate for.

The use of different zones, along with a controller, allows for watering at different times of day to suit different needs, and ensures that each zone can operate at peak water pressure to maximise efficient watering.

Rain sensors can be included in a system, and they report back to the controller when the garden has already got sufficient water via rain, so the controller knows not to over water your garden!

We consult with the client to establish their preferred placement of controllers and rain sensors within the local area.

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Commercial to Backyard Dripper Systems

From rural sites spanning 10’s of acres, sporting fields requiring precision coverage and timing, commercial sites which demand reliability, through to grandma’s veggie patch, we’ve done it all!

We know which products work in theory and which work in real life. As we’re vendor agnostic, we will always choose the best product to suit your needs – we’re not tied to a particular supplier, so we can simply choose the best solution.

We focus on quality, so we may not always provide the cheapest option, but we do provide the best – which will save you money in the long run!

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Dripper Systems

While pop up sprinklers are often used for grass lawns, they tend to get blocked by plant growth if used in a garden bed. Dripper systems are a great alternative. We lay dripper tube to suit your planting, which enables a slow steady drip of water to keep your garden beds consistently at the moisture level suited to the specific plant type.

Depending on your needs, a dripper system could be all you need; or more typically, it would form a specific zone within your garden, along with different zones for lawns or pot plants.

Dripper systems are reliable and cost effective.

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Spear Pump Installation

To have an irrigation system, first, you need water! While town water connections are common, many people prefer to get their water from a ‘Spear’. Spears penetrate into the ground, and feed water back to the surface with the aid of a Spear Pump. The sandy conditions on the Gold Coast are particularly well suited to spears.

Spear pumps are also a great ‘off grid’ alternative which save you money and provide independence. Spear pumps are often installed with a water tank for further resilience. We offer pump installation and repair, and work with trusted local partners for spear installation.

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Solenoid & Wire Tracing

As discussed in our ‘Custom Design and Installation’ section, irrigation systems are typically divided into ‘zones’, with a solenoid valve to control each zone and the valves are wired back to the central ‘controller’.

Over time, valve boxes can become buried under mulch, paved over or can simply fail due to age and use. The control wiring can also be damaged, often by subsequent digging in a garden, and especially if they haven’t been installed in conduit or attached to the irrigation main as they should have.

We have the specialist equipment, know how, and experience to identify your issue and recommend the best solution.

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Reliable & Accurate Diagnosis of Faults & System Failures

Gardens become overgrown, control wires get dug up, pop ups snapped off and sometimes things just stop working for no reason – we get it!

With over 30 years of experience, we have seen everything there is to see. Our experience ensures we can reliably and accurately diagnose the issues with your existing system.

Sometimes it’s as simple as reprogramming your controller, or finding which valve isn’t cooperating – other times your system might need a full overhaul.

Whatever the issue, we have the unique combination of experience, local knowledge and dedication to get your system up and running again as soon as possible and we will keep you updated every step of the way.

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Paradise Irrigation took on the challenge of rebuilding a complex and dilapidated 30 year old irrigation network, with 26 stations spread over 1 hectare  in the Gold Coast Hinterland.  They have successfully excavated, repaired and rebuilt as required, the irrigation and electronics of this extensive system with new, state of the art control boxes, solenoids etc. The work was done in good time with excellent workmanship.The irrigation network and electronics are now returned to full working order thanks to the knowledge, expertise and workmanship of the Paradise Irrigation team.
- Brian Kidd, Director, Architect -
"We have been using John Brooks from Paradise Irrigation for more than 10 years. He has given us exceptional service on our irrigation system that is approximately 4 hectares in size. "If he gives us a day and time that he will be on site, he shows up on time or advises us of any delays he is having. He has been totally trustworthy in all aspects of business that we have dealt with him in. "I would recommend John to any prospective customers."
- Rob Newton, Director, Miami Veterans Tennis Club -
"As the Manager at Trilogy Surfers Paradise, it is at times a tricky process to identify and solve problems with a garden irrigation system which is spread over a wide area. "John Brooks of Paradise Irrigation is our site specialist in this process, and I am pleased to say that whenever we have a problem, he responds very promptly, gets the problem identified and repaired and has our garden irrigation system back working effectively in no time."I am very comfortable in recommending John’s services to any on-site Manager looking to have an efficient, experienced garden irrigation expert on their premises."
- Shane Maher, Manager, Trilogy Surfers Paradise -
"I have recently had occasion to use Paradise Irrigation for some major repair work to the irrigation system at our home and I found John Brooks, principal of the firm, to be friendly and obliging as well as punctual. John turned up when he said he would and carried out the work with a professional attitude and in a tradesman like manner.""I have no hesitation in recommending Paradise Irrigation to anyone seeking the services of an irrigation/reticulation company."
- Ray Murphy, Benowa, 2015 -
"John Brooks has been maintaining the garden irrigation at The Penthouses Apartments and Paros on the Beach for many years. Both apartment complexes have extensive gardens. As such we rely on John and his extensive knowledge of irrigation systems to ensure the grounds are always at their best.""A call to John with a problem, results in speedy service with a cost effective appropriate solution. We would happily recommend John and his services to other complexes."
- Carol Dolling Manager, Penthouse Apartments, 2015 -

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